AIS trouble ticket app design

Ascension health is a leading healthcare provider. With increasing transformation of healthcare workers to digital,they had a large IT infrastructure. This directly translates to occasional troubles with devices like computer malfunction, bugs, and request for new hardware. With a very mobile and agile workforce, Ascension needed a mobile solution for their nurse practitioners to raise and track trouble tickets.

The ideation process started with interviewing stakeholders/customers, and storyboarding the environment of nurse practitioners.  This helped to identify and refine the needs and functionality that current users would require. Once needs were identified ideas were brainstormed alongside engineers and PMs to understand We designed the app such that Ascension employees can easily and efficiently raise and track trouble tickets. The app is designed in a way to reduce the error as much possible. Validating product at every stage was kept in mind

Platforms / Technologies
Mobile Android/iOS-cross platform

My Contributions
  • Worked with stakeholders, PMs, and engineers to understand, design, and deliver concepts/designs.
  • Understood technical limitations and possibilities of mobile platform to create innovative solution.
  • Sketched designs, white-boarded solutions, created user journey maps.
  • Designed workflow, interactions, and visuals (Concept to completion)
  • Prototyped interactions using Marvel app.
  • Implemented UX best practices and design patterns to design the app.
  • Stakeholder interview
  • User interviews
  • Whiteboarding
  • Sketching
  • Task analysis
  • Workflow design
  • UX and interaction design
  • Visual design
  • Click through prototyping
  • Dell services team (PM & Engineering)
  • Ascension (Stakeholders)
  • Sid G (Portfolio Manager)