Couch commerce with CoucheBay

CouchEbay (Pronounced Koosh-bay) was our winning entry at the 2012 PayPal / eBay / XUniversity hack day.  We built a system to bookmark (or, as eBay calls it, “watchlist”) certain items of interest on TV when a pen and pad aren’t around simply by reaching out to the screen and grabbing the items. We bagged the first place for this hack.

CoucheBay illustrates what kinds of interactions are possible if advertisers, content publishers, and the community begin to widely annotate videos(manually and using image recognition as well) with certain kinds of temporally-segmented data. Think VH1’s “Pop-Up Video” concept or YouTube annotations, but applied on-demand and only with annotated information “scripts” that are of interest to the user. It was built in about 22 hours with 5 cans of RedBull.

My Contribution
1. Lead user experience design and prototyping.
2.Implemented library to translate kinect gestures to meaningful actions for X.Commerce API inside the browser.
3. Planned, designed, built and evaluated the system end to end with the team
4. Created system architecture and workflow for the project

Kinect (OpenNI, NITE), HTML5, CSS3, Javascript,  Jquery, NodeJS,  MySQL, X.Commerce API, Redbull Energy, Chinese takeout

Storyboards, Brainstorm, Mindmaps, Prototyping

Nachiketas Ramanujam
Kartik Agarwal
Matt Wilczynski