LeanUX design research : PayPal consumer app

From Jun 2012 – Nov 2013, I was the user experience researcher for PayPal’s consumer app (ios & android).  During this time I worked closely with product managers, design leads, and developers leading several field and  lab studies for multiple releases of the apps.

Regular customer feedback was core to how we built our mobile app. We were interested in evaluating the comprehension of the app, usability, task completion and hedonistic qualities of the various experiences in the app. Some of the major experiences I worked on include :  Paying in-store with phone using checkin, Paying with QR code, order ahead, first time use of the app, comprehension of new features, adding financial instruments, findability across multiple segments, app education.

This particular research involved  regular RITE testing, contextual inquiry, remote usability testing, card sorting using user zoom, participatory design workshop, and  guerrilla usability testing. We collected data from 6 different customers every 2 weeks (1 sprint cycle) with the lean UX team being present for the duration of the studies.  I would present the top level learnings & summary within 8 hours of the study followed by a detailed research report in 3 days to the product and design teams while maintaining constant communications with everyone involved in the process.  After every major sprint we would present our insights as learnings to the extended team.