Generative Research : PayPal Consumer Strategy

I am a user experience researcher at PayPal where I work on digital wallet strategy and mobile apps.  During this time I worked closely with Product managers, Design leads, and developers leading field and lab studies.

As part of our consumer strategy, we were interested in knowing more about our customers and their needs around shopping. The objective was to identify unmet needs and opportunities around shopping offline. This particular involved diary study, in home interviews, shop along and concluded with synthesis and analysis of the insights. We collected data from 20 different customers and was completed in 8 weeks from conception to result share out. We were able to identify 15 areas of opportunities for PayPal and prioritized 5 white space areas to work on.

My Contributions
  • Design the study, helped plan research and set expectations with the team
  • Created recruitment criteria and advertisement
  • Setup missions for diary study
  • Prepared interview questionnaire
  • Met and interviewed customers
  • Moderated and facilitated participant interviews
  • Edited and collected insights from interview footage and notes
  • Synthesized results with the team
  • Created user journey maps and reports based on insights
  • Presented insights and facilitated brainstorms

Diary study using dScout (20 participants, 3 missions, 10 days)

In home interviews and Shop along (8 participants, 8 home visits, 5 days)

Design thinking (9 days, 15 areas identified, 5 opportunities shortlisted)


James Caviness (PM Lead)

Egan Shulz (Design director)

Laura Ward (Design lead)

Danny Yee (Visual design lead)

Mark Shekoyan (Sr. User Experience Researcher)