Contextual Inquiry & Heuristic evaluation for PayPal app

During my work at PayPal labs, I was an active member of user experience research headed by Dr.Jim Hudson.  During this time I collaborated closely with sr. user researchers for field and lab studies. This particular study involved mixed methods contextual inquiry and heuristic evaluation of the upcoming PayPal digital wallet.

In order in improve the usability and design of our app, we identified six light persona based scenarios and tasks. Along with the team’s ethnographer & Sr. researcher, we performed walkthroughs in context at merchant locations.  It was followed by heuristic evaluation of the experience. We recorded the data, pain points and gaps in the mobile experience and submitted our recommendations to the design team.

My Contributions
  • Assisted senior researchers in facilitating the study, collecting data, generating and communicating insights.
  • Created templates and reports to communicate insights to design team in a simple and illustrative manner.
  • Participated in weekly brainstorms and proactively suggested design changes.
  • A few of my insights helped design team to explore a previously unknown features
  • I was credited with mimicking two of the personas to near perfection while role-playing. (This was fuel to a lot of ideas and jokes 😛 )
  • Contextual inquiry
  • Personas
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Role Playing
  • People-watching (one of my favorite pastimes)
  • Dr.Jim Hudson (Head of Global Research, PayPal)
  • Dr.Mark Shekoyan (Sr. User Researcher & Ethnographer, PayPal)
  • Egan Shulz (Design Director, PayPal)