Mobile augmented reality : Experiments and installations

Augmented Reality presents a lot of opportunities for remediation of traditional media. AR is a new medium which combines context and data and makes for a truly ubiquitous experience. At digital heritage group, we wanted to find unique and usable ways to use AR for traditional media and its application in various segments such as Art, Entertainment, Storytelling, Film , Movies and Transmedia experiences.


The digital heritage working group at Georgia Tech was formed to create innovative prototypes. Together we created series of augmented reality experiences that would act as a guideline to AR designers. It will also help developers of Argon understand the need of designers. We were also crucial in getting features into the ARweb browser standards. Some of which include audio, spatial sounds, jquery support, video panoramas and more. Most of the projects are aimed at real world applications and can be in and around Atlanta,USA and Metz, France.

My Contributions
  • Planned, designed, built and evaluated several  prototypes.
  • Wireframes  to explore various design possibilities
  • Co-authored paper on transmedia and augmented reality.
  • Proactively suggested new features and feature improvement
  • Presented the projects during Future Media Fest, GVU demo showcase and several other events.
Methods & tools


A/B testing, Mindmap, Storyboards, Narratives, Field study, Feature creeping


Paper & Pencil, Whiteboard, Balsamiq, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Zepto, PHP.

  • Dr. Jay Bolter
  • Dr. Maria Engberg