On demand App for ReadyMix

Business Need
Lehigh Hanson through its subsidiaries is a supplier of concrete and cement for the construction industry. In order to improve the experience of their customers and reduce the workload of their support center, LH wanted to build an on demand tracking service for concrete so their customers can keep track for their orders on the day of delivery and be prepared with necessary logistics as it requires precision and manpower management.

We built an Uber like on demand service app for Lehigh Hanson. Using the app, their customers can keep track of their orders, track their orders, be notified when the next truck is going to arrive on site. Onsite supervisors can use the app to coordinate their daily schedule without having to make multiple calls to the dispatch support line.

Platforms / Technologies
iPhone, Android 2.5+, SAP Mobile Platform, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Cross Platform.

My Contributions
  • Understand the what and why of through stakeholder interviews, field research, studying existing customer solutions, best practice for industry, frequently used workarounds, background of the legacy software.
  • Based on this understanding as well as the product vision, ideate and create wireframes: iterative design process.
  • Create multiple versions of working prototypes for user-testing smaller hypothesis, and end-to-end user studies at main checkpoints in the development process.
  • Collaborate closely with PMs and developers at every step to ensure fit-and-finish.
  • Create code snippets for complex UI components in Javascript & UI5.
  • User interviews & research
  • UX design
  • Interaction design
  • Prototyping
  • Visual design
  • Front end development
  • Delivery
  • Vijay Krishnaji (PM)
  • Amit Shrivastava (Tech Lead)
  • Aaron G (Client)